What is Half-Left Handicap, Experience in Playing Handicap Effectively

The half-left handicap is a star that many members are interested in today. If you are a loyal fan of football, you will definitely not be unfamiliar with this handicap. Together 7789bett Find out all the information about this attractive betting rate.

How to decode the concept of half-left handicap?

The half-left handicap is also known by many members by other names: 1/2 handicap or 0.5 handicap. This is a popular and popular form of betting in Asian handicapping. The system will be based on the difference in strength and lineup of the teams and give you the most suitable ratios.

On the symbol board, the underdog team will be represented by a +0.5 sign. Meanwhile, the team with the higher odds will be identified by the -0.5 symbol. In particular, with this betting method, the system only allows two situations: win or lose, not a draw.

What is the method of reading half-left handicap?

Experts say that Half Left Handicap is one of the forms with the simplest reading method at the present time. If you are a new player, please quickly refer to the knowledge below:

  • In case the result ends in a draw: At this time, if you bet on the above bet, you will officially lose all your money. Meanwhile, those who place the lower bet will win 50% of the total bonus.
  • The higher odds team loses: Players who choose the stronger team to bet will lose 100% of their total amount. On the contrary, if you believe and participate in the lower bet, you will be rewarded by the system based on the prescribed level.
  • The stronger team wins with a difference of one stage or more: Players who bet on the under will lose all their money. Meanwhile, those who have chosen Over will officially receive the bonus to their wallets.

What should you note when participating in a half-left handicap?

Because it is one of the handicaps that is quite easy to play, this form of betting easily attracts the attention of many people. However, you should also clearly understand the following notes to limit mistakes during the betting process:

  • For situations where the Half Left Handicap is in favor of the home team, it is certain that the strength difference between the teams will not be too large. Normally, systems will evaluate based on factors such as weather, stadium as well as fans… Therefore, in situations like this, you should bet on the underdog to increase your chances of winning. self.
  • In the opposite case, if the away team is the favorite, there will definitely be a certain difference. Therefore, it will be extremely safe for you to bet on the team that is rated stronger.
  • In addition, players choosing reputable systems to participate and experience will also help ensure the safety of their personal data. Besides, each reward coefficient that these bookmakers provide will also be much higher than other units.
  • In particular, learning from the experiences of your predecessors is also an extremely important factor. This way, in a short time, you will be more confident when participating in this type of betting.

What are the things to note when playing half-left handicap?

For this type of entertainment, whether you can win or not will largely depend on your experience and skills. Below is the knowledge we have compiled about the half-left handicap that members can apply to improve their chances of winning.
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Grasp force information before the match starts

Through the above information, we also clearly understand what the half-left handicap is as well as the difference in strength of the teams when the system provides this ratio. Therefore, you must also take the time to learn and research with the aim of understanding the performance of clubs or teams. In addition, the starting lineup as well as the confrontation history are also information that you cannot ignore.

In every match, the house has conducted extremely thorough research to be able to provide you with such accurate odds. However, these systems will still be governed by a multitude of different factors. Therefore, it is completely possible for the rates to change frequently. So what you need to do is consult information and data from many different sources.

What is the golden time of the half-left handicap?

Experts have commented that you should not bet on the half-left handicap too early. There are many checkers who, after having information from many different sources, immediately participate and place bets. However, this way of playing will not bring the results you want.

The golden time for you to participate in betting is after the 10th or 15th minute of the match. At this point, you certainly have a clearer understanding of the team’s lineup and tactics. From there, the bets you participate in will easily have a much higher winning rate than in the beginning.

Choose suitable matches to participate in the 0.5 handicap

To be able to participate in betting effectively, members must also know how to choose matches appropriately. Although the left half handicap will often appear in many different football matches. 

However, you should only participate in confrontations where there is a certain difference in strength and both teams have the ability to score. Besides, players buying betting tickets at major international tournaments will also bring a much higher chance of winning.

Know how to manage capital in the smartest way

It can be affirmed that football betting in general as well as participating in the star half-left handicap in particular are both methods of losing money and winning money. Therefore, before participating, you need to outline for yourself the clearest plans and goals regarding the total amount of money you will bet.

Once you run out of money, you need to stop regardless of whether the betting results win or lose. This will limit situations where players lose consciousness and make the wrong decisions.


This article has helped members better understand the concept What is the half-left handicap?. If you have any questions, please quickly contact customer service or send a message to the chat box for us to answer in the most accurate way.

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