Top scorers 2023 – List of players with the most goals

In the history of the king sport – football, there have been many professional and excellent strikers. Many players are known as formidable ball hunters on the field. Those are beautiful symbols of the desire to score points with outstanding talent. So which player has left the most goals in world football history? Join us in finding the most accurate answer top scorer until now.
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Top scorers in history – 5 stars who dominated the field

Nowadays, more and more talented young players appear. However, we still cannot forget excellent names like.

Cristiano Ronaldo 

Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional football player of Portuguese origin. This is considered the number one scorer in the world. Specifically, 838 goals in a total of 1168 matches. This data is calculated until 2023.

With his remarkable achievements, Ronaldo brought his country great pride in general and prestigious achievements in his career in particular. Some awards we want to mention are:

  • 5 golden balls
  • 5 European golden shoes
  • 7 UEFA Champions League titles
  • 7 La Liga championships
  • 5 Premier League championships
  • 1 EURO championship

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is an indispensable name when mentioned top scorer in football history. He is an Argentinian professional football player. Currently, he is ranked second in the top scorers globally.

Up to now, Messi has scored 808 goals in a total of 1029 soccer matches. In addition, he also won countless prestigious awards such as:

  • 7 golden balls
  • 7 European golden shoes
  • 4 UEFA Champions League titles
  • 10 La Liga championships
  • 1 Copa America championship
  • 1 World Cup championship

Josef Bican

Josef Bican is an Austro-Hungarian football player, one of the great football players. He is in the top 3 highest scorers in the world with 805 goals in a total of 520 matches.

After participating in his football career at Rapid Vienna club, he won 7 Austrian Cup championships. Later, he moved to the Slavia Prague club and won 5 Austrian championships. There are also 10 Austrian Cup titles and 2 C1 Cup championships.


Romario is a Brazilian footballer, a striker. He scored 772 goals in a total of 994 matches. He is considered a player with a strong influence in world football.


Pele is a Brazilian player nicknamed “the king of soccer”. He scored 767 goals in a total of 831 matches. He possesses excellent scoring ability that many young players learn from.

Summary of top scorers in current top tournaments

Recently there was information about excellent players in the top scorers of historical goals. Now, we will share with you information about goals in the world’s top tournaments.

Top Premier League scorers

Up to now, Haaland E. of Manchester City club has won 14 goals and ranked first. That includes 4 assists.

Top scorers C1

C1 Cup – top scorer, in first place belongs to Frederiksberg A. In second place are Haaland E. and Pierrot F. in the Manchester City team. 

Top scorers in French football

The latest updated scorer in French football 2023/2024 belongs to player Kylian Mbappe of the Paris Saint-Germain team. The highest number of goals Mbappe has won is 15 goals.

Top scorers in La Liga 2023/24

Bellingham J. won first place with 12 goals in the Real Madrid team. Next is Griezmann A. of the Atl team. Madrid.

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